Egg Plant - HVEP 74

ACSEN HyVeg Egg Plant : HVEP -74


HVEP -74 Eggplant hybrid is suitable for growing in northern part of India. The unique characteristics of this hybrid is that it can be grown in both rainy and summer season and can set fruit at high temperature. Fruit color is glossy purple witch does not fade during summer. This hybrid is very good for making brinjal locakl dish knpwn as Baingan Bharta.


Technical Specifications

Egg Plant HVEP-74
Calyx color Green
Calyx Spines Absent
Fruit Bearing Solitary
Fruit color Purple
Fruit color Intensity Dark
Fruit Glossiness Strong
Fruit Shape Globular
Fruit apex shape Indented
Plant Growth Habit Erect
Fruit Curvature Absent
Fruit Weight(gm) 320
Fruit Length(cm) 11
Fruit Width(cm) 11
Fruit inflorescence(cm) 1-3
Leaf Color Green
Leaf Spines Absent

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