Egg Plant - HVEP 83

ACSEN HyVeg Egg Plant : HVEP -83


HVEP 83 hybrid is suitable for growing Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, and West Bengal & Jharkhand. Uniqueness of this hybrid is retention of its attractive pinkish purple colour even at high temperature and resistant to Brinjal mosaic and intermediate resistant to little leaf disease.

Technical Specifications

Egg Plant HVEP-74
Calyx color Green
Calyx Spines Absent
Fruit Bearing Mixed
Fruit color Pinkish purple
Fruit color Intensity Medium
Fruit Glossiness Strong
Fruit Shape Cylindrical
Fruit apex shape Round
Plant Growth Habit Semi Erect
Fruit Curvature Slight
Fruit Weight(gm) 70
Fruit Length(cm) 14.8
Fruit Width(cm) 3.4
Fruit inflorescence(cm) >3
Leaf Color Green
Leaf Spines Absent

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