Fresh Green Hotpepper - HyVeg 78

Market Leader of Fresh Green Hot pepper in West UP - “HyVeg-78”


The market dominance of hybrid HyVeg78 in West UP region is created by the team lead by Jr. Regional Manager of WUP Mr. Alok Dixit. The dedicated team effort and focused approach of the Acsen HyVeg team created many milestones in WUP vegetable seed market and developed very strong identity for the Acsen Hyveg products. The feather in the cap was the emergence of hybrid HyVeg-78 in WUP fresh green hot pepper seed market by capturing 80% market share (2MT/2.5MT).
The market share of product Hyveg-78 in 2017 was 14% with sales of 350 kg in fresh green segment. The vegetable sales team of WUP has strategized the action in 2018 by identifying key hot pepper markets for the development of product Hyveg-78 in WUP such as: Agra, Firozabad, Aligarh, Badaun, Bareilly and Hapur districts. Initiation of the field work such as field visits on standing crops in villages, jeep campaigns, road shows were started. The parallel backhand activities had started with the interaction and frequent visits to vegetable traders of Agra & Delhi vegetable Mandis. The produce of Hyveg-78 was shown to the key traders and were appraised on the advantages such as attractive colour, glossiness, required length, fruit weight and compactness. The traders witnessed the quality parameters of the hybrid Hyveg-78 and accepted in their purchase list.
Next phase of activity was to create intense awareness among farmers on USPs of Hyveg-78 and the price advantage in the market, resulting in the increase of net profitability of farmers. The fruit quality and the shelf life of the hybrid not only benefitted the traders but also the end consumers.

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