Success Story of Hotpepper -Saniya

Dual Purpose Hybrid : Hot Pepper Saniya

In the fast-moving perishable vegetable markets, farmers are always on the lookout for products that give them higher yields, transportability, and economical price which leads to incremental benefits. The on-field performance of ACSEN HyVeg’s hot pepper, Saniya, have proved that the dual-purpose hybrid matches with the farmer’s aspirations and also increased demand for hot pepper cultivation in a cotton-growing region.
Saniya was introduced in Saurashtra, Gujarat in 2017. The hot pepper market was dominated by other company products and Saniya’s share was 6.5%. The task force of ACSEN quickly tapped into the pulse of the region - generating greater awareness and popularity for ACSEN’s hot pepper through multiple programs. Parallelly the team had also set up an exclusive distributor network alongside various other promotional activities, like field and mandi visits, night meetings, and demonstrations.
Encouraged by the product performance, market acceptance, grassroots efforts, robust distribution networks, and farmer-support programs over the last four years the area under Saniya has been increasing. As a result, farmers across Saurashtra have started patronising the hot pepper HyVeg Saniya. The current sales stand at 36% market share which reaffirms the concentrated field effort with good product performance will always yield dividends.

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