AHC 3031

Boon for Rabi Corn Season Farmers

Bihar & Andhra Pradesh are major Rabi Corn producing states in the country having 9 lakh hectares area under cultivation. The production of corn in these states is a major contributor to total production during the Rabi season in India. Farmers always prefer full maturity and high-yielding hybrid.

AHC-3031-1 Looking at the need of farmers for high yielding and widely adaptable corn hybrid, ACSEN HyVeg (Field Crop Division) Research and Product Development team did an extensive field research program and large scale demos at the farmers’ fields continuously for 3 years during Rabi season in East and South market. After rigorous evaluation, first Rabi Corn hybrid AHC-3031 was introduced in 2019.

AHC-3031 has an excellent performance in different agro-climatic conditions of east and south India. Hybrid has delivered an average yield of 50 Quintals/ Acre and 44 Quintals per Acre in Bihar and Andhra Pradesh state respectively and very close to key technical leader hybrids of both the states. AHC-3031 is an excellent yielder, having a long, uniform, and robust cobs, more no. of kernel rows & grains per row, good shelling %, good standability, and threshability. AHC-3031 corn hybrid is recommended for Rabi season at 32 K to 33 K populations of plants per acre and the sowing window 15th October-31st December.

AHC-3031-2 AHC-3031-4

During the upcoming Rabi season 2021, the ACSEN HyVeg field crop team is planning for a gigantic spread of AHC-3031 genetic footprint in East and South India.

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