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To be a provider of best seeds, globally.

To be the preferred organisation for employees.


Transform Farming for better farm profits through research with environmentally sustatinable and viable technology.


• Satisfy farmers through high quality products

• Employ new technologies and good germplasm in research

• Constantly upgrade processes and activities

• Build trustful relationship with all business associates
through transparent and ethical practices

• Nurture human resources and encourage innovations

• Be a socially and environmentally responsible corporate

About Us

Acsen HyVeg, rechristened Rasi HyVeg, a demerged vegetable seed division of Rasi seeds, sprouted in 2009. After establishing cotton seeds business, Dr. Ramasami, the founder of Rasi seeds group, with the ambition of creating a mark in vegetable seeds space, initiated the vegetable seeds brand of HyVeg under the leadership of Dr. Arvind Kapur. The company now is highly respected in the Vegetables seeds business. The Company also venturing into Row Crops now.


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Why Choose Us?

We are an expert team of scientists, technicians, agrarians, researchers with international experience who constantly keep updated about the latest trends to ensure that our products and services are the best.

We develop and produce the best quality seeds of vegetables with best traits and relevant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses suitable for different regions of the country and different parts of the world so that the highest quality is delivered by well-trained profesionals.

Expertise in breeding with diverse germplasm assisted by biotech tools, we adeptly carry on each stage of hybrid development. Our time tested and ever improving system of processes assures the high quality production of seeds and delivers the same to the farmers. We endeavour to contribute towards farming society with our products and extensive services to improve their benefits.

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